Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to My Financial Freedom Journey

Hi there! It is indeed a privilege to have readers coming to this blog to learn about my financial freedom journey. Some background about myself:

Me and my wife earn a combined income of around $8500. Our current monthly expenditure is close to $4000. To achieve financial freedom, I have decided that it is important that our monthly passive income surpass our monthly expenditure.

Before you start navigating around this blog, these are some articles that you might like to read first to learn more about my financial freedom journey:

5. Ten Facts About Myself

Do bookmark this blog or Digg It to show your support. I welcome any comments too that might help me fine tune my investment decisions to achieve my aim of gaining financial freedom by age 40. Feel free to visit my other blog called Singapore Stock Screener.


  1. Hi there ! I quite like your "Singapore Stock Screener" blog which had listed in Summary form of some of the stocks which I also own. But, surprisingly, your "Financial Freedom" blog do not seem to show you have any of those stocks listed there.
    Here is your site:
    That sort of puzzled me :
    Is it because you prefer to hold REITs rather than growth but risker stocks ?
    Many of the stocks mentioned in the listed, in my view, have growth potential. For example: Noble Group... where the CEO in the video-clip interview had said something to the effect that he expected a 20% growth in his company. This is the website for NOBLE GROUP ... .Take a look and you will be surprise how big is this company.
    {I am not saying that you should buy or sell, but, just enjoy reading and understand what a huge company does)

  2. Thanks!

    Yep, the Singapore stock Screener site is just for me to archive info about various Singapore stocks so that I have a treasure trove to turn to should I want to invest in these stocks in the future.

    From it, I can also check which analysts have been giving buy calls and sell calls and whether the analysis has been accurate.

    currently, my strategy involves a lot of REITs which I am also trying to change along the way.

    Do feel free to give inputs on how I can improve the site further.

  3. wow i did not noe Singapore stock Screener belong to u. Well done!!

    Too bad you nv state which stock you are holding or comment which stocks are good.

    Actually it is not hard to be a millionaire unless you are talking holding 1 million worth of cash in bank/stock market


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