Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Jap Car In My Parking Lot is worth 2 Ferraris in Someone else's Parking Lot

It is amazing what all these bad news are doing to my mind (and of course my stock portfolio too).

The global financial crisis is making me afraid and I have been thinking of liquidating my portfolio. Surely the stock market will go lower and I can buy back all the stocks I own now at a better price..

This is so typical. When the stock market is good, I tell myself that I will wait for the crash to start buying into stocks. Now that the crash is here, I lack the guts to walk the talk and to continue buying stocks.

So.. I took a few days off blogging, a few days off thinking about investments, and asked myself this: "Am i addicted to money?" "Do I really want money so much?"

And the answer was " NO". I would rather spend my time with family and friends then be earning money or working. I would rather have a cheap Japanese car to drive NOW than to save up that money, invest it and be able to buy a Bugatti or Ferrari only 10-20 years down the road. As the proverb goes: " A jap car in my parking lot is worth 2 x Ferraris in someone else's parking lot." Why save up money that you can spend today?

So what should one do in this financial crisis?

Of course, the answer is to buy low sell high. That is the obvious answer, but do I have the guts to do it?

Should I spend $4000 to invest in stock that will give me 10 per cent yield per annum ($400 per annum) or should I just take that $4000 and spend it now? Why do I want to delay my gratification?

Hmmm.. stuff worth thinking about.....before i continue on my financial freedom journey..

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