Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 is a Dead year?

Is 2009 a dead year for Singapore? Is our goal for this year to just keep our jobs and try to stay afloat?

Got this from a forum:

1) Singapore's trade to decline by 17% to 19% in 2009.
2) Singapore's population could fall by 4% as foreign workers laid off.
3) S'pore fixed asset investments in 2009 to be lower.
4) Economy to shrink by -2% to -5% in 2009.
5) Exports nearly zero.

Hmmm.. time to re-think my job switch perhaps?

I have completed my first book for the month of January "Random Walk Down Wall Street". Will recommend that all DIY investors read it before making any other investments =)

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to all!


  1. This sounds like the most pessimistic outlook, which never happens.

  2. Yeah. I agree.
    Hopefully the upturn will come soon.

  3. Hi FF,

    From my limited experience, I realize that human beings tend to over-react both ways.

    They were too optimistic in 2008 and got whacked hard by the sudden downturn (more severe than expected). Now in 2009 everyone is a super bear because they are over-reacting on the negative, in order to "play safe" la. So it is an interesting aspect of human behaviour we are observing now.

    Eventually, we will see reversion to the mean, though not in the short-term.


  4. Yes. That is indeed true.
    We tend to over react and follow the madness of crowds.
    One really needs to have lots of mental discipline to go against the flow/news reports/rumours/opinions.


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