Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feeling Sick Again Looking at My Stock Portfolio

Feeling totally sick when I just look at my stock portfolio. It is down by more than 50% and the losses are huge.

With the money I have lost, I would have been able to buy a brand new car...

Was I wrong to invest my money into the stock market? Sigh..


  1. Hi Financial Freedom,

    Stay strong ! It is only during times of extreme pessimism and uncertainty that one is able to buy assets on the cheap, for long-term. If prospects were rosy and beautiful, you would be paying a very high price.

    Funds are currently selling vigorously and thus the severe depression of prices to near bargain basement (for some S-Shares anyway).

    While I do agree the mood is very pervasively pessimistic, I have always reminded myself that true bargains lie amidst the wreckage. It is up to us to sift them out. It's not an easy task and may seem like a thankless job in the next 1-2 years, but when the economy picks up (and it eventually will, question is "when") then valuations will normalize for ALL companies. Right now, the financial institutions are dragging everything down with it like a huge anchor.

    Stay positive !


  2. Thanks a lot musicwhiz.

    Yes i guess pessimism reigns in these times. Perhaps the best option is not to look at my portfolio for the next few months. Maybe the pain will be a lot less

  3. Hi FF,

    Are you winning or losing?

    Well, it depends on the value of time - your time frame.

    If you are day trader, at the end of each trading day, you will know whether you win or lose.

    If you are not a day trader, probably, at the end of each month, you will either win or lose.

    But, if you are die hard value investor, probably, you will have 8-10 years to know whether you make it or not.

    You set your own time frame. Only at the end of the time frame, you will know you make it or not. In between you are just fine-tuning your strategies to progress towards your investing goals or depleting your wealth and may be working for free; or alternatively your opportunity cost is putting your money in fixed deposits to earn 0.88% per annum at no paper/real losses to your capital.

    Unlikely, you have better investment plan since you have chosen to put your money in the stock market.


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