Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spent $215 Servicing My Car

My car a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6A was way overdue for servicing so I brought it to a workshop for servicing today.

It is still way under 80,000km and is only around 2.5 years old so rightfully I should have brought it back to the original distribute (Cycle & Carriage) for repairs/servicing as the 3 year warranty would be void if I went elsewhere.

Problem is: Cycle and Carriage servicing is abit slow and tends to be quite expensive.

So after asking around abit, I decided to go to one of the workshops which my friend uses. He said it was pretty cheap.

The total cost was $215 all inclusive and it took about 1.5 hrs. The works included:

1. Replacing engine oil - Voltronic semi synthetic oil 10W40
2. Replacing air filter
3. Replacing spark plugs - volker iridium (last for 2 years/160,000km)
4. A minor improvement to the dent on my bonnet. He tried "sucking" the dent out 3 times but it only got slightly better

Was it worth it?


  1. Sounds costly to me, but then, I don't own a car so I can't really comment. By the way, how much do you spend on servicing, repairs and maintenance of the car in one calender year ? Maybe that's a better gauge - take an average for 12 months to see the monthly outflow.


  2. Hi MW,

    I estimate my 12 months monthly expenditure to be around $1000 for the car

    $518 for monthly installments
    $200++ for petrol (depends how much i drive)
    $100 for insurance ($1200 per year)
    $60 for road tax ($380 for 6 months)
    $100 for carparking, carwash.

    Thinking of buying a car?

  3. Hi FF,

    Nah no intention at the moment as I can't afford one.

    By the way, you left out ERP charges from your computation ?


  4. I don't drive to town that often. At most once or twice a month then kena ERP. For work, I also avoid the ERP gantries


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