Saturday, April 4, 2009

No Income Tax to Pay but must pay for Carpark

No Income Tax to Pay
Just finished filing my family's income tax.

After accounting for all the tax reliefs, rebates and stuff, my family has $0 in taxes to pay for the year! Perhaps its also because we don't earn that much in the first place.

The only downside to the start of April 09 was the need to renew my carparking.

I renewed it for 3 months at a price of $270. Very expensive. That is equivalent to $3 a day!

Perhaps it is time to get a landed property so that I do not need to pay for parking.

Stock Purchases

Added 6,000 shares of Hongguo @0.125
Hope the bull market does not return too soon so that I can collect more stocks/REITs on the cheap.

P.S : To the team at SG Dividends, I have included a link to your site.

Financial Freedom

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