Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family Networth Hits $500,000

With the brief stock market recovery/rally, my family's total networth (assets minus liabilities) has exceeded $500,000 for the first time.

Not a time to celebrate though as the markets might drop and bring our networth down again.


  1. Hi,

    When you say "net worth", do you include the value of your house as well ? If yes, is it included at cost or market value ?

    Also, do you subtract your HDB loan from your total assets to compute net worth ?

    I've always been quite confused about this, which is why I prefer to use total assets (cash + liquid investments + insurance) instead of "net worth".


  2. Hi MW,

    Yup, I did it the typical way of just listing down all my assets (including HDB at market value) and subtracting all my liabilities (including HDB).

    I know that everyone has a different way of calculating it. However, I find this the easiest way to calculate it at the moment.

    For your comparison, if using your method of just (cash + liquid investments + insurance), it will be somewhere around estimated 210k ?


    Depends on what you are calculating.
    If you are the private bank, you are focusing only on those with investable assets (excl. primary residence).

    If you are just solely wanting to calculate how much you have. Then Include primary residence and everything at market value (coz that will be the price that you will get when you sell it. Not the cost price).

  4. I think networth should be calculated the same way for individuals as it is for companies.

    That would mean taking assets minus liabilities.


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