Saturday, May 16, 2009

In 2003 I had only $4.35 in Bank Account

I was just flipping through my old bank records when I came across this entry:

100403 = ***********4.35

Yes..there was a moment in my life that I actually had only $4.35 in my bank account! I was too proud to ask my parents for money even though I could.

I remember those days and weeks while I waited for the next pay check. It was terrible. The only consolation was that I still stayed with my parents back then (was not married in 2003) so I had no bills to pay and stuff. Food was also free =)

The feeling was just so terrible. Friends asked me out and I gave excuses not to go.

That lasted for close to a month where the magic wall (ATM machine) would not give me any cash. The minimum withdrawal was $20 just in case you did not know. I almost wanted to go to the bank to close the account so that I could take out the $4.35 inside.

Ha.. Those were really the days..


  1. you should be very proud of yourself that you made >500K in 6years. Well done!

  2. What a sad story of yours.don't worry money can be found.

  3. Reading your post reminds me that I once had a few dollars in my bank savings just like you. We must remember hardship when we doing well, so that we won't fall back into hardship again.

    You are doing very well now, you should be proud of yourself. Have a lot to learn from you on investments.


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