Monday, May 25, 2009

Liquidated My Stocks and Rights

I decided to liquidate my stocks in Pengrowth Energy Trust and also my rights for KepLand.

Reasons being this:

1. The amount of shares I own in Pengrowth Energy Trust was only a mere 100. The price had risen to give me a returns of greater than 25%. Also, the dividends that I received were not substantial enough to warrant UOB Kay Hian from deducting $5 for postage and handling fees.

2. KepLand had recently declared dividends of $0.08 per share. To subscribe to the rights, I would have to pay slightly over $1. This would set me back by $1000 which is not too good for my current cash flow. On top of this, Pac Andes has also recently announced that it will issue rights too. This is a scary thought....are all the companies I own starting to issue rights now to gain more money to boost up their books? What happened to all the passive income I am supposed to get from dividends?

Therefore, I liquidated my 100 shares of Pengrowth Energy Trust and my 900 nil paid rights of KepLand.

Total amount I will get from the sale of both should amount to $1800

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