Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raking in the Money

Decided to cash out of some stock positions to realise the gains that I have. They are not alot and are nothing to be proud of since I am still actually sitting on paper loss on my other shares.
Also bought into Ascendas REITs

Below are my trading activities for today:

1. Sold 6000 Hongguo at $0.255 (Remaining left 24,000 Hongguo shares)
2. Sold KepLand @$2.27 (Remarks : Bought @1.96, Sold the rights for $755 plus gains of $270, not bad)

3. Bought Ascendas REITs (3000 shares @$1.37)

As you can see, I am really a small small fish in a big big sea. The quantity that I trade is very little so I really need the stock price to move up a lot before I can make a gain.

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