Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So the Bull (or Bubble) is Here ($1500 to be coming soon)

So it seems that the bull market is back in full force. Or maybe it is simply too early to tell. It could be the greatest Bubble for all we know.

I guess most people have missed the bull run up as share prices of alot of stocks have already risen dramatically over the past few days. Seems like the swine flu and the global financial crisis no longer strikes any fear in people.

It is good to see my portfolio recover some of its paper loss. But of course I am lamenting the fact that I have missed this great opportunity to ride the bull up. I was not too disciplined in doing my dollar cost averaging as you can see.

Anyway, the month of May will be a bountiful month for me in terms of dividends. Below are the list of stocks that I am holding that have declared dividends:

1. ChinaAOil (SGD 0.02 per share)
2. First REIT (SGD 0.0188 per share)
3. Innotek (SGD 0.05 per share)
4. KingBoard (HKD 0.01 per share)
5. NOL (SGD 0.04 per share)
6. ST Eng (SGD 0.128 per share)
7. Suntec REIT (SGD 0.02918 per share)
8. KepLand (SGD0.08 per share)

I estimate that I should be getting about S$1500 plus in dividends for the month of May.

Hmmm.. so maybe its not too bad also..some extra cash in my pocket.

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