Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Portfolio Update

I have sold off 10 lots of Suntec REIT at a price of $1.08 which I bought previously at $1.02. This is a return of almost $550+ in profits not counting the dividends that I have collected from it.
Re-invested that amount of money into NOL at a price of $1.75. The chart above is that of NOL which was plotted using ChartNexus. I believe NOL is a good company facing troubled waters and this could be the reason why its price is so depressed now. It used to trade at the $3 to $4 range. I am prepared to keep NOL for the long term even if the stock price trades lower in the short to mid term. However, I am also willing to take any profits if I can get a 5% ROI in the next few weeks
I am abit disappointed with my selling of Penn West Energy Trust (it's a Canadian Royalty Trust if you haven't heard of it yet). After selling it at $14.63, the price has shot up way past the $15 mark. But guess I will just wait on the sidelines and see if it is worth re-entering into this canroy
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