Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thoughts at StarBucks

So I am sitting here at Starbucks at 3pm in the afternoon. Just got some work done and was wondering what a funny life I actually have.

3pm and people are most probably working in the office. And here I am sipping my Starbucks Cafe Latte and blogging. I never expected that I would actually be living such a life!

After so many years of schooling, I would never have expected it if someone told me that I will be living the life I am living now.

Going to be 28 years old soon and it seems that I don't really have any career ambitions. It certainly does not seem that I will be someone important or famous. Afterall, all those people are perhaps being "groomed" right now in the MNC boardrooms and government agencies. They are probably rubbing off with the "who's who" in Singapore at a golf course or something. And here I am, sitting at starbucks blogging about my life. What a funny irony =)

But I guess it is a good break from the rat race and stuff. I am taking things a bit slower right now. The rat race has done me no good. I have probably not grown or matured as much as I wish I should. I now just try my best to live up to God's standards and not man's standards. I try to read more, think more, love more and give more. I have decided that the corporate ladder is not really something that I would like to climb.

So I sit here near the counter and realised what a great deal of students are actually able to afford Starbucks! My goodness..kids nowadays really have lots of spending power. I certainly do not remember drinking Starbucks during my schooling days! The irony of it all.. People who are working are not enjoying life while those who are not working per se are learning how to enjoy life.

I am not saying that these school children are not working. They do have their school work and stuff. The reason why they are able to enjoy life so much better is perhaps because they still have dreams and hopes of what the future might be. For someone my age, I think I have grown a bit disillusioned about what I was told to pursue in terms of my job and career.

I really need to sit down and ponder more about the kind of life that I would like to live and be remembered for.


  1. Good luck on the pondering ! I remember doing that as well when I was 28-29. It was not an easy time though...haha.

    Instead of buying Starbucks' latte, why not buy their shares? Haha ! Just kidding....


  2. True.
    For inspiration, may I suggest reading Rich dad Poor dad's The Cashflow Quandrant.


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