Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Tips to Survive Job Loss

Alot of people have been asking the question on how I am surviving if I am sitting at home everyday, not working and just blogging.

Well, firstly....I am not exactly unemployed per se. I am self employed.

I am still running in certain things before my business starts. As such, time is what I have on my hands. It does feel a bit like I am jobless though.

So what do I do everyday while I am bumming around?

Here are the top 3 things I do:

1. Trade The Stock Market $$$

I am not really a full time trader. But nonetheless, with time on my hands, I have time to read about books on trading as well as trade the stock market.

The month of October has been kind to me in terms of trading profits =)

9 Oct 09 - Profit $126.14
13 Oct 09 - Profit $237.54
14 Oct 09 - Profit $479.42

I am also still in the midst of combining FA and TA into my investment strategy.

2. Blog and find ways to advertise my blog.

Yep. This is the 2nd thing that I do the most.

That's me on the poster. Not exactly me per se but a manga replication of me.

3. Surf the Net.

Yeah.. I surf the net like a lot. Research shows that people surf the net mainly for education/information & for social purposes (internet messaging,etc). I surf the net mainly for information.

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  1. Hi FF,

    Wow I didn't realize it's been about 9 months since you quit your job cos your post on quitting was dated Dec 2008. You've been surviving on savings all this while? What kind of business do you plan to start? Care to share?

    Personally, I would not dare to quit if I had a child to raise and a housing loan to pay off, but I guess choices are personal. Kudos to you, it can't be easy!


  2. I have been surviving on savings plus I have some income from other sources.

    The business that I plan to start is more of a franchise sort of business. It is still work in progress so I will share more when everything has been settled =)

    It was really a difficult decision to quit my job. But sometimes, we only live once...so I took the jump

  3. I used to be a pure FA investor. Only knew how to buy undervalued stocks but did not really know when to buy or when to sell. Picked up TA last year. FA + TA is the way to go. :)


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