Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Much A Blog Post is Worth

Ever wondered how much one blog post is worth?

I calculated the amount that I have earned from online income and based on my computations, each single blog post is worth an average of $0.20. That means that each blog post is roughly earning me 20 cents everytime I publish it.

As I did not set up dedicated channels to track my earnings, I can never know for sure which are the blog posts that are giving me better returns.

There are service providers out there that actually write articles for your blogs for a fee. This can be as low as $5 for a 300 word article or as high as $7 for a 500 word article.

But if you are thinking of employing their services, think again! You might not be able to break even unless you have a really good strategy in mind.

And that is perhaps the reason why these service providers are not writing articles for their own blogs or websites. It is much more profitable to sell articles than to earn money from articles that are published on a website or blog.
So how exactly can you make money from your blog?

I believe I am "qualified" in a certain sense to answer the above question.

Ever since I started out blogging last year, I have seen my online income grow from a paltry $0.01 per month to roughly $30 per month. I am not talking about a six figure income from blogging but if you are interested in how to break the zero on.

Firstly, if property is about location, location, location then blogging is about content, content, content.

Yes, a good domain name might be important but even with google's blogger that I am using, choosing a good name for your blog might be enough instead of investing in a proper domain name (This is especially so if you are not even sure whether you will be blogging in the long term). It is best that the name of your blog has something related to what you will be blogging about. This will aid in the search engine portion.

But I will not touch on that as I believe that it is possible to write good content and the traffic will come naturally.

If I can put it down to 2 essentials to breaking the zero barrier in earnings, it will be simply this:
Blogging frequency and content.

Other factors are: Search Engine Optimisation, Keyword selection, Traffic sources

So focus on your content and blogging frequency first before touching upon the rest.

Remember that the people reading your postings are humans. Look at your own blog and own posts. Imagine that you are a stranger reading it. How would you react? Would you want to visit again for more information?

I understand that are a whole lot of other things that come into play when it comes to earning money from blogging but I think this article should suffice for the time being

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  1. Hello,

    I got here from the blog you use to track your adsense earnings. You definitely gave good tips. Content is king. I have a question for you. I notice you have a donate button to help support the blog. Do you ever get donations? I was thinking of adding one to my blog seeing as how I am disabled and have very little income. Since I am not making much money from my blog now it be nice to get some compensation for my time via donation. I do put several hours a day into my blog, weather its writing, researching, promoting ect. So it would be helpful to get compensation for my time. I am just not sure adding a donation button would be a good idea. I did already explain my situation on my blog so my readers do know I am disabled and don't make much money at all. And they know I am not doing my blog just for profit so maybe they would understand. I wouldn't want to put a donation button on my blog and have it loose me readers. So just wondering what your experience with having a donation button. Thanks

  2. Nope, I have never gotten a single cent from donation. But I figured that it is because I have not really asked people continuously for donation. I don't think people will be compelled to donate any money to me too.


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