Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Price of Coffee

I realised that there is a vast difference in the price of a cup of coffee in various shops.

In a normal hawker centre coffee shop, a cup of coffee will cost you around $0.70
In a fast food restaurant, a cup of coffee will cost you around $2.00
In Starbucks, a cup of coffee will cost you easily $5.00

Matter of fact is that the coffee actually tastes almost the same to me. I certainly cannot tell the difference between a Starbucks coffee and one that is served in Macdonalds if you put me through a blind test.

What is amazing is that it does not mean drinking at Starbucks will make me a happier person. In fact, it is possible to drink a cheap cup of coffee and still derive the same amount of satisfaction and happiness.

It is thus possible for a person to spend a lot less and still be happy. Better to be eating bread and living a peaceful life than to have a buffet spread everyday but be unhappy.

Just my thought for the day.

The author had a cup of coffee at a fast food restaurant that cost him $2.10 today. He feels that the coffee was only average and did not particularly enjoy the coffee session anyway.

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  1. But there's a difference in taste between kopitiam coffee and 3-in-1 coffee :)

  2. That I must agree =)

    The taste is definitely different.

    But sometimes it is the company that counts. You can be drinking 3-in-1 coffee but have the best companion to talk to and that makes the whole coffee drinking session all the more fantastic.

    On the otherhand, you could be having an expensive cup of coffee in hand but could be sitting down with a person who makes a lousy companion.

  3. this shows that people do not mind paying a premium for the ambience too

  4. Yes. Ambience is actually very important. Without good ambience, you simply cannot enjoy your coffee.

    On the flip side, sometimes even with the best ambience, the best tasting coffee, you still might not enjoy your coffee


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