Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why is Xiaxue so Popular?

Okay. Xiaxue (the blogger) is pretty popular in Singapore right?

Apparently 20,000 readers read her blogs.

But why on earth are people reading her blog which is filled with expletives and scantily cladded pictures of herself? Why is everybody reading it?

Is it because of the way the new generation sees things? Is it the things that they like to read about her personal life and what she does everyday?

By the way, Forbes Magazine dubbed her review of the iPhone as "Worst iPhone Review so Far".
So stop reading Xiaxue's blog and read my blog instead.
Financial Freedom. It's yours. Come get it!


  1. Hi FF,

    One of the things I've come to appreciate in life is - Irony. Xiaxue being so pupular is just part of the big picture of irony. People like us blogging about things that actually make sense don't attract much attention.

    I've accepted it. :)


  2. Hi MusicWhiz,

    for a blog that is good for the long term, timeless information is important. Your blog has a lot of that, and so has SgFF. It's like building on your longer term assets, and each extra post (on timeless information) just add on to the value of the blog.

    Xiaxue's one has some timeless posts too, but not really on monetary ones. However, for her blog, most are blog posts that do not have timeless information. Thus, to maintain the readers, she has to blog very consistently.

    My wealthbuch blog does not have a lot yet, becuz I added quite a bit of TA in it. However, the journey in which I'm TA (and FA) is timeless.

    It depends on the profile of the readers.

    Here comes the special sentence:
    When our blogs has lots of timeless information, traffic will just continue to come in by itself even if you do not post. One example is my blog (which I haven't had time to update since Jul) at ;)

  3. Hi MW and JW,

    Thanks for the encouragement and sharing in my frustrations.

    But it does seem that people prefer to read frivolous stuff and the market out there is catered to that.

    That's why people like Perez Hilton are so famous. People like to read such stuff.

    Perhaps it is the market too. People who are on the internet are usually looking for frivolous stuff. People who are looking for serious stuff perhaps are more inclined towards hardcopy stuff like newspapers and books instead of the internet.

    Just my 2 cents


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