Friday, November 6, 2009

Earn $10 A Day Using Adsense

I looked back at this posting that I made in Aug 2008. You can view it here.

I am very pleased to announce to all that I have managed to accomplish this goal of earning $1 a day from online income sources.

It did take me a much longer time than I had originally expected. I thought I could easily hit my $1 a day target within a few months.

Little did I expect to take over a year to hit my target.

Anyway, I am happy that I have managed to achieve a goal that I had set out earlier. It shows that I am travelling in the correct direction. Each little step that I take is just part of a journey that I have mapped out for myself.

Yes...sometimes I do not attain success as quickly as I would have liked. What is important is that I achieve it at the end of the day.

My next Adsense earning target will be to hit $10 a day. How long will I take to achieve this?

I really do not know. I am hoping that I can do it within a few months...but I will not be surprised if it takes another year.

To hit $10 a day in earnings, I will need roughly 3000 page views per day or 1500 unique visitors a day (with each visitor having an average of 2 page views).

I estimate that I currently have around 200 loyal readers who visit this site around once in 2 days.

This means that I need to grow my readership by 7 times.


  1. Congrats!

    I only managed to reach about $5~$10 per month... with Wealthbuch contributing very very little at the moment... Perhaps cuz it was newly set up..., less than a year...

    But I will be reaching my first US$100 soon... Just a dollar plus more... :)

  2. Hi JW,

    Yep. It has been a long and ardous journey I must say to earn money online.

    Perhaps we can share with one another what works and what does not work for Adsense.


  3. freedom...way to go, man. congratulations.

  4. Don't forget to buy ToTo when the Jackpot prize hot > $3M

  5. Thanks Dream. I still have a long long way to go. But I will get there some day.

    Uncle8888, buy Toto? mean to say that I need some luck to achieve my goal of $10 a day?

  6. keep going... good luck!
    a fellow blogger from Singapore here :)

  7. Thanks KP!

    Nice lego sets you have there on your blog.

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