Sunday, November 8, 2009

Electricity Bill

I am so ashamed of myself.

After writing an article about saving electricity, I was dismayed to find out that my electricity bills for this month was a record HIGH for the past 6 months.

The bill added up to slightly over a $110. That is for my little family of three living in small flat of around 900sqft.

Perhaps it was due to the higher tariffs on electricity this month....but still no excuses...

I think one of the main reasons for the sharp rise in my electricity bills is due to the fact that I have been switching on the air conditioner too often while working on my blogs. The weather does get a bit hot and stuffy at times in Singapore. Yes, even during the nights!

It also does not help that the little one has been switching on every switch in the house that he can get his little finger on. (we discovered that the iron was switched ON for an ENTIRE day when we returned home one weekend)

The next month will be a challenging one as I try to lower my electricity consumption for the entire household.

That means less of the aircon and switching off all unused lights. I will update on my progress next month.

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  1. Don't worry la, my SP Services bill is $200 per month! But then, that's with a tenant living with me as she has to use the utilities as well, so it's more like 4 people rather than 3. Still, if I break it down it's $150 for 3, so it's still more than yours! I also need to cut down, sianz.


  2. Ha.. I guess you must be using quite a fair bit of air con and stuff then.

    Yup, I am below the national average in terms of electricity consumption but I know that I can still cut down my consumption further.

    This is my highest bill in 6 months and it was not like I was very conscientious about the amt of electricity usage during those 6 months.


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