Monday, November 9, 2009

How The Rich Get Richer By Robert Kiyosaki

Okay, I admit the title of this post is misleading.

Yesterday, I read this article on Yahoo that was written by Robert Kiyosaki on Why the Rich Get Richer.

Somehow, I just cannot seem to find the article now.

Anyway, after digesting it and reflecting on it, I realised that Robert Kiyosaki was sharing something of immense importance.

He recounted the story on how he called up a property agent to enquire about the price of a building once. It cost $2 million dollars! That was way out of his budget. Furthermore, the building was only being rented out to a few tenants and Robert Kiyosaki felt that the rental income was not able to justify the 2 million price tag.

As a result, he did not pursue this property.

Years later, he discovered that someone actually bought the property, tore it down and built a new building. It was sold for $150 million dollars.

He shared that it was then that he discovered how his thoughts had led him to the conclusion that the property was not a good investment. He was limited by his own thoughts and was thus not willing to see why the 2million price tag was justified.

This is related to my previous posting on our desire is to achieve our goals.

Desire is linked to thoughts and if we do not cultivate the correct kind of thoughts in our heads, these will become stumbling blocks in our journey towards our goals.

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