Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Earn $180 Passive Income Per Month

It is 1.23 AM in the morning.
And here I am punching in some numbers furiously into my calculator.

So I did some rough calculations and it seems like I will be falling short of my passive income goal for the Year 2009.

I am still short of $180 dollars per month to hit my goal of $400 per month in passive income.

Any suggestions to achieving this figure?

I figured that if I invest my money in a REIT that gives me 10% yield, I will require a capital of $21,600.

I do have free cash sitting around that amounts to $21,600 but I am wondering whether investing in REITs is really the best option to hitting my objectives for this year. My current REIT portfolio already has healthcare, residential and office REITs. Perhaps its time to add some retail or industrial REITs in?
It is a pity that I sold away my canroys too as I felt that the capital gains that I got were quite substantial. After selling my PenWest Energy Trust, the price continued to ZOOM upwards way past the price that I sold it for. Nevertheless, I did make quite a good return on inital investment.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.......


  1. Instead of energy trust, how about our local SGX's CitySpring and Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund?

    I'm vested in both (but at a lower price then the current one) ;)

  2. Thanks for the info. I will go check it out


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