Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Speak Like A Fund Manager

It is said that words maketh a person. Okay, I came up with that phrase =)

But the matter of fact is this: Words do shape our behaviours and thoughts.

The words that fund managers use also shape our perception of the funds they are managing.

You will never hear a fund manager that says things like: "We Buy China because we think it will go up."

Instead, they will most probably phrase it as "We are bullish on China because of its growth potential"

These two phrases actually mean exactly the same thing and there is no way to prove how true the statement actually correlates to real life. The way it is phrased however makes it sound more credible and professional.


  1. Usually, to sound more credible, they include a lot of figures and facts and statistics to support their assumption.

    As with every profession, he who is a good orator will win the crowd

  2. Hi FF,

    Let me know if you know someone buying stocks and thinking that the stock price will go down. IMH will be happy to study into their brains. Just kidding. Ha Ha.

  3. Yes. It is indeed true that good orators usually will be able to make good progress in their jobs and careers. Especially if they are fund managers =)

    It is managers are indeed the most positive ppl in the world. Even amidst the challenging year of 2008 and early 2009, they were still very bullish about whichever sector they were invested in.

    They are never negative about the stocks they hold...its simply amazing...


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