Monday, November 2, 2009

Investment Ideas for Financial Freedom

A lot of ideas have been developed and contributed to the world of finance over the years. These include scholarly articles and books about money, investment and wealth.

It is one of my goals to compile all these ideas into this site so as to further develop and integrate these ideas into my own investment strategy and journey.

The list of famous people that I would like to learn from include the following:

Scholars and Their Ideas
1. Charles Dow
2. Louis Bachelier
3. Harry Markowitz
4. William Sharpe
5. Eugene Fama
6. James Tobin
7. Alfred Cowles
8. Franco Modiliani
9. Merton Miller
10. Burton Malkiel
11. Nicholas Nassim Taleb
12. Barr Rosenberg
13. John Lintner
14. Jack Treynor
15. Fisher Black
16. Paul Samuelson
17. Robert Merton
18. John McQuown
19. James Vertin
20. Hayne Leland
21. Mark Rubinstein

Investors/Traders and Their Ideas
1. Warren Buffet
2. Jim Rogers
3. Philip Fisher
4. Alexander Elder
5. Jesse Livermore
6. Peter Lim

Businessmen and Their Ideas
1. Donald Trump
2. Richard Branson
3. Bill Gates
4. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

Help me expand this list! Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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