Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quit My Job, Blog and Travel the World

Quitting my job was one of the toughest decisions I made in my life. Nevertheless, I am glad that I made the decision.

My end goal is to be able to just blog and earn money while travelling the entire world.

This however is not achievable currently as I am still not drawing enough income from online sources. When my online income sources reaches $100 per day, then it could seriously be something worth considering.

On top of my online income source, I could rent out my apartment and get a decent amount of money too.

Travelling the world will most probably begin with a road trip to Malaysia through to Thailand and perhaps even driving all the way to China if that is possible. I will just drive all the way to Europe if I can.

Am I dreaming? Is this dream too far fetched?

Will I be able to realise this dream in the next 10 years, 20 years or never?

What must I do to increase my online income? Can I hit $10 per day by year end?

WE SHALL SEE..........................TO BE CONTINUED


  1. I used to think like u, but 27 is too young to idle...
    Find a lobo job, no stress and no OT.
    That in a way, is also consider a passive income.

  2. Agree with Tiong. I saw that you budgeted $300/month for your food expenses for which is too little even for a single.

    Once your house is paid for and you have perhaps 500k, it would be more realistic to think of passive income from dividends. Otherwise, you have to work hard on your online income.

    It's good to have dreams but once in a while you have to face reality. Not trying to be a cold blanket but you did say you are an engineer.


  3. May you realise your dream soon ! =)

  4. I hope to achieve my dreams =)

    Hopefully you all will see that much desired PS3 soon and also pictures of me travelling around the world. Hahahha =)

  5. You can make a proper living/business out of blogging as it is in some way a media business. However, you need to consider some ideas:

    1. More volumes of articles and try to put in more sensationalizing... less mundane stuff.

    2. Cater for a worldwide audience. Not just about Singapore life and costs of chicken rice in the food court.

    3. Work actively in getting corporate sponsors as this would most likely be a way for you to monetize your eyeballs.

    4. Get writers and celebrities or people with personality or controversy to write and contribute to your blog. This will liven it up with fresh content.

    5. Create contests and events to drive even more traffic to your site.

    6. Spend some of the money that you've gotten from Adsense or even your own capital to put up Google Ads or other online avenues to drive traffic to your site.

    7. As you can see doing points 1-6 will take up all your working hours so you may wish to get yourself a business manager/partner who can do some of this for you, especially if you are not experience in running such a business.

    Hope this will be a small tip in helping you go a long way...


  6. You don't need a lot of money to live your dream. Check out This couple is doing exactly what you dreamed about.


  7. Hi Anonymous and Businessman,

    Thanks for the insights. I really hope that I am able to fulfill my dreams of travelling the world soon =)

    In the mean time, I still need to pay off my debts and save. It is a tough journey but I will get there.

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  10. FF, I hope you can reach your goal of travelling round the world :)


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