Monday, November 23, 2009

Sell Your Hair For Money

In Madrid, cash-strapped Spaniards are selling their hair to to pay their bills. The hair is sold to companies who export natural hair for wigs or extensions.

While these companies are able to get huge supply of hair from Asia like China and India, they prefer European hair which is considered of a higher quality and is not as thick as Asian hair.

Ponytails of hair can sell from between 50 to 150 Euros with the price being dependent on both the weight and length of hair.

Justino Delgado is one such happy man who has 90 tonnes of hair kept in his warehouse ready for export to Europe and the United States. The hair is washed and colored in the factories and braided together before export. His business currently employs around 30 people.


  1. good for that guy..he make money from others hair..

  2. do we have this in singapore? haha

  3. Ha..even if we have it..i doubt guys will have lots of it to sell.

    It might be a good business though.


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