Saturday, November 7, 2009

Think and Grow Rich

Today, I was reminded on the importance of thoughts and how it can affect our actions. You see, I was reading through the book written by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill's book is indeed a classic. I once speed read through it a long time ago and realised that I have forgotten most of what I have read.

(I do not know why but sometimes I get a sense of guilt reading this kind of books. You know the feeling like I don't want to be caught by anyone reading this books which are "frown upon" by some. I do not know why I get these kind of thoughts but I guess that people are just very against these kind of Get Rich books that are out in the market and are totally skeptical of its contents.) - Its the same kind of guilt feeling when I am afraid that others find out I am not holding a normal 8 to 5 job

Anyway, upon reading it again, I discovered new gems within this book.

Firstly, it taught me that I ought to share with others what I learn through reading the book. In this way, it will help to reinforce whatever I have learnt.

Secondly, it said that I ought to read and chew on the book slowly instead of devouring it in one entire sitting.

The lesson that I gleaned from the book today was about DESIRE. Do we really DESIRE the things that we pursue. DESIRE is such a strong word that when it totally consumes us, it translates to ACTION.

Do I truly DESIRE to earn $10 per day using Adsense?
Do I DESIRE to travel the world and be a full time blogger?
Do I DESIRE to earn a passive income that surpasses my monthly expenditure?

What am I willing to give in return for these DESIRES?

Just some food for thought.



  2. It's alright. No shame in reading these books.
    Anthony RObbins, Adam Khoo, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon hill, Stephen covey is all about motivation (not really about how to get rich).

    It is important to be motivated enough to start DOING. But do not get too obsessed with these speakers and think all they say is correct (ESPECIALLY THOSE GET-RICH SEMINARS). Ultimately, it boils down to yourself. Do you engage in critical thinking and sythesized the pros/cons and morph it into your own self-belief.

    Got a saying...
    "If you do not have a direction in life, your life will be decided by everyone else but yourself"

    So know what you want and plot out small steps towards the end game.

    What is your end game? Start with the end in mind. If you drive around without direction, you will never get to your destination.

    So go and think about the 1 thing that matter most to you and then strategized on how to get there.

  3. Thanks for the comments uncle8888 and WJ,

    I know my end goal. It is to get a passive income that surpasses my monthly expenditure. I will be financially free to do whatever I wish to do then.

    I will keep both your advice in my heart. It is really encouraging to get advice from people who have so many years of experience.

    It also lets me know whether I am on the correct track =)


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