Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Wedding Dinner

It is another wedding dinner to attend again.

It seems that I have lots of wedding dinners to go to for this month. It really does become quite tiring attending so many weddings.

Will I enjoy this wedding dinner? I hope so (keeping fingers crossed)

Maybe I would if it was something special like having a Green Wedding. See Article below:

THE carrot has been dangled - go green for your big day and save on the cost of the wedding venue.

The National Park Board (NParks) announced the 20 per cent discount offer at the opening of its latest green wedding venue known as the Garden of Seasons at the HortPark in Alexandra Road which opened May last year.

For now, the discount applies to only the non air conditioned venues in HortPark, which charges between $85 and $190 per hour depending on location within the park.

The NParks said it has not decided if the offer would be extended to its other six parks where weddings can also be held.

To qualify for the discount, couples have to show NParks that they have taken at least eight environmentally-friendly measures for their wedding. These include using recycled paper for their wedding stationary, holding the ceremony at non air-conditioned venues and using a hybrid car for their bridal car.

'HortPark was chosen for the scheme as it's popular for weddings and there is a team in place to help with the criteria assessment,' said an NParks spokesman.

NParks' director of parks, Mr Kong Yit San, said he hoped the scheme would 'inspire more people to do their part in saving the environment, and reduce the large amounts of waste that weddings usually generate'.


  1. I've been through this phase. Friends around you are all getting married. This phase will pass soon, then all your friends will start having kids! Haha.

  2. Yeah MW,

    I guess it is a phase of life that ALL Singaporeans will have to go through.

    Just hoped that there was something different in each wedding becos it can get quite boring attending so many weddings which tend to be the same.

  3. The wedding was different =)

    It was the first Indian wedding that I attended and I must say it was a good break from the traditional Chinese weddings that I attend.


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