Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finding My Purpose in Life

I am 28 years old this year and after much reflection, I realised that I still have not found my purpose in life.

It seems that I am drifting along like a piece of wood in a fast flowing river without the ability to steer myself to a path that I would like. The fast pace of life here also means that I hardly have the time to contemplate and think about what I truly want in life.

While friends are getting promotions, master's degrees and better jobs, I seem to be stuck in a rut that I can't dig myself out.

It seems that I lack a sense of understanding of what I want out of my life.

Is that sad?

Every year, when it comes to December, I realise that I am not closer to achieving any of my dreams simply because I have stopped pursuing my dreams for practical reasons like making a living. I am like a robot, emotionless... My childhood dreams, things that I thought I would do..are long perished from my thoughts...they seem almost impossible to achieve now where I am...I can't stop working because of the amount of financial obligations I have...thus...i also can't pursue my dreams. Midlife crisis I must say.


  1. Well, don't give up! Keep trying so that when you look back, you knew you tried your best. I wanted to be a pro basketball player when I was younger. Now, that's a near impossible dream especially in Singapore

  2. After 53 years, I am still not sure what is the purpose of a life - both human and animal life?

    Scale insects: Males develop under thin shells and emerge as very delicate, usually two winged insects without functioning mouthparts. Male scale insects do not eat. Shortly after emerging, they mate and die.

    Their main purpose in its life is to emerge, screw once and die? Never even eat????

  3. You have already found the purpose.

    To be out of the rat race cos you dun want to be a champion rat that gets slaughtered later in life when you get too costly.

    To share with the world it is possible to be financial free through other sources of income.

    Now, you just have to find more things to do in your life that bring you more meaning and experience.

    Success is a journey, not a destination.

    So, enjoy the ride !!!

  4. Getting out of the rat race is not a life purpose. It is a goal. Let me help you with some simple steps.
    1. Think of the current world and what a ideal world will be.(this usually come from your past experience. Eg if you come from a broken family, you feels the ideal world will have all perfect family, if you come from a poor family and feels that all people deserved to have a proper meal then that will be your ideal world.) The key world here is the feeling you have.
    2. Take this feeling as your driving force and it will lead you on. ( This journey is your journey towards your life purpose.)

  5. The ideal world would be one where there is no sickness, no poor people, no stress, no worries abt finances. How I change this into my life purpose...

    we are not like insects.. we must have a purpose in life =)


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