Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Further My Education

A friend asked me today if I was interested in furthering my education in the near future.

That was indeed a tough question to answer.

Oh well....

If money was not a concern, I would definitely go for further studies. Perhaps in a nice European country where I can get to travel around during the holidays too!

However, with masters and phds costing so much, I am not sure whether it is worth my money to pursue such courses. And besides, providing for the family comes first. It is a sacrifice I have to make.

I would LOVE to do it..especially an overseas stint. But the MONEY just does not make sense to me.

Perhaps in another year or two when things look better =)

At the mean time, I will just have to make do with my dosage of books.

Unless some generous sponsor pops up along the way and offers me a scholarship =)

If you are that sponsor sent from heaven, do let me know!


  1. I used to wonder whether should I do MBA or not? Once I even went to a Selecting MBA courses paid seminar thinking that a paid seminar might offer better insight.

    In the end, I decided on the alternative - a $30K MSSM (Master In Stock Market)instead of MBA.

    In my company, there are so many MBAs and MSCs around and they are still waiting for the right opportunity or networking to come.

    Even shocking a recent recruit with Masters yet starting out as junior.

  2. Masters or PhDs in NUS are usually sponsored.... i.e. A-star...

    In addition, for a A-Star sponsored PhD, you are paid an allowance of $3.3k per month while you study...

  3. Great posts that and interesting to many readers. I really appreciate your blog.

    I'd like to request you for link back
    -if possible.

  4. Hi FF,
    I have thought of doing Masters too. But I have a housing loan to pay and a future wife to look after. My job doesn't give me the time to pursue one on a part time basis either.

    My younger brother on the other hand, is single, bonded for 2 years, draws a four-figure mthly allowance from the sponsor, and a fully paid 2 year Masters course. He has no commitments


  5. Hi,

    I have added your blog in my bloglist. And I have a suggestion for blog. I think it will be better to put a cbox in your box just for chat.

    Freedom Achiever.

  6. JW,

    You are from ASTAR? I am guessing it is difficult for me to get a scholarship from ASTAR as I only have a 2nd upper

    Yep, MBA is expensive. Investing in stock market might give us better returns. But for some, it might open doors that bring them to places they have never been.

    Freedom Achiever,
    I wanted to install the cbox but it keeps giving an irritating pop up box which I was afraid might annoy visitors.

    Care to share what scholarship your brother is on?

  7. FF, I'm not from AStar... Didn't plan on their 8 year long undergrad + PhD last time.... followed by another... 8 years bond?

    My hair would have turned gray before I finished everything!

  8. Thanks for the reply.

    8 year bond is way too long.. who can commit to such a time frame?


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