Monday, December 21, 2009

A Peak At My Credit Card Bills

Isn't it nice to look at someone else's credit card bills.

Well, here is a sneak peek at my credit card bills for the month of 14 Nov 09 to 13 Dec 09

14 Nov - Hallmark $20.90
15 Nov - Hock Cheong Car Care $62.76
16 Nov - Accounting & Corporate $300.00
20 Nov - SPC $17.80
25 Nov - SPC $60.00
27 Nov - Crystal Jade Seafood $22.15
01 Dec - Starhub Cable Vision $25.68
06 Dec - Shell $57.02
07 Dec - Sushi Tei $14.02
11 Dec - Annual Fee $150.00
11 Dec - GST $10.50
11 Dec - Cold Storage $16.07

14 Nov - Crystal Jade $20.70
29 Nov - Hong Kong Cafe $109.80
30 Nov - Season Parking $90.00

Do note that i have already gotten my annual fee waived. I also make it a point to pay my credit card bills on time so that I do not incur any finance charges that cost a whopping 24% per annum.


  1. Wow, seems you spend a lot less on food than me. No wonder I am so round. :P

    But it also looks like a large portion of your bills are made up of car-related expenses. Didn't know they were so high.

    By the way, just curious about the accounting and corporate - $300. But if it's P&C, it's ok.


  2. Yep. Car expenses are high.

    $300 is for incorporating company

  3. wow, congrats. you manage well spending using your credit cards. we do the same, i make a list in every purchase.

  4. I think I am managing just alright. Would like to cut it down further though..

    Keeping track of it is a good habit as we can sometimes "overspend" in certain areas.


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