Monday, December 21, 2009

Winner of Survivor Samoa

For those of you who have been watching Survivor Samoa, you should know by now that the winner was Natalie, a 26 year old unemployed blonde. She walks away with a cool $1 million dollars

I really was rooting for Russell, (an oil company millionaire) who basically singlehandedly got Mick and Natalie into the final 3 by his cunning strategies.


  1. I don't watch Survivor at all, but from the looks of things, isn't it rather obvious the series is using sex and looks to sell? Haha. Unemployed some more. Hope the money lasts her long enough to find a proper job.....

  2. TV always use certain things to sell.. It appeals to our "primal" instincts. Note the quotation marks.

    People desire money, power, sex, food and sometimes violence.

    These is what the TV shows do.

    I have concluded that there is really nothing worth watching on TV. It is really all about entertainment and nothing else.

    Of course the shows that I like to watch are things like Discovery, History channel and BBC Knowledge. Some useful content can sometimes be in there but nothing beats reading a book at the end of the day


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