Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 Ways This Blog Can Help You

I have been reflecting on what it means to blog and what my blog is meant to achieve during my lifetime. And if I could focus it down to ONE word, that word would be HELP.

The main purpose that I hope this blog can achieve would be to HELP others.

Throwing all my expertise (whatever little that I have) and experience into this blog, I hope to be able to help others in one way or another. Just thinking out loud, these are the 10 areas which I think I can help you through this blog:

1. Studying in University. I have made a few mistakes when I studied in university. I would like to think that my experience in university would be able to help others make a better decision on what to study for their degrees.

2. Doing what you don't like. I am an expert in this. I did a job which I did not really like for what seemed like an eternity. Yet looking back at it, I realised that I have gained tremendously from it. If you are doing something you absolutey dislike, I can share with you my experiences to help you look at things from perhaps another perspective.

3. Blogging Tips and making money using Adsense. As much as I don't like to admit that I am a blogger, the fact that I am using a blog betrays me. I would certainly like to think myself of a philosopher who rants his pieces on the internet for all to see. Nevertheless, I believe that in my short years of blogging, I do have a few tips to impart here and there. I have already received two Adsense cheques thus far and will be receiving my third cheque next month. If you are not making a single cent from Adsense, I would like to think that there is perhaps some way that I can help you.

4. Investment Decisions. I am not a guru when it comes to investment. There are many other gurus out there. However, I dare say that I have made a lot of mistakes in investing and I could share with you all these mistakes that I have made so that you pay less tuition fees to Mr Market. The market is a cruel place and unwise decisions can sometimes be avoided if you just spent the time asking around. Everyone is sure to have their own opinion but at least you get another point of view. I have been investing in the stock market since 2001 and I think I know a thing or two about investing for beginners. If you are looking for experts, please look elsewhere.

5. Career change and Purpose in Life. This is perhaps my forte. I have spent the last 2 years pondering over a career change and also thinking about my purpose in life. I come from a Christian background so my perspectives are naturally shaped in the Christian thought. If you would like to bounce off ideas with someone should you feel hazy about life, feel free to find me =)

6. Bible questions. I can help you understand the bible better if you are a non-Christian. I was once an aethist but coverted to Christianity when I was in secondary school. My rational thinking and scientific mind in the past made me refuse to believe in a God that created the entire universe. Now, I am pretty convinced that scientific methods are limited in the sense that they are just models to best describe certain events and happenings. A black swan event could just come along and prove everyone wrong. I don't like to debate with ppl because when i was a non-Christian, I did not like people to debate with me about religion. Now that I am a Christian, I would say that I could offer you certain ways of viewing the Bible that you might never have seen.

7. Marriage and Parenthood. Being married and being a father, I can share with you my experiences about queuing for a HDB flat, getting married, holding the wedding dinner, living together with your wife, and also the joys of being a father. This will all be based on personal experiences but it is better than nothing.

8. Financial Freedom. As this blog suggests, I am trying to attain financial freedom and not become a slave to money. I am not there yet but I believe that God willing, I should get there someday. I can share with you my experience as I make this journey. I encourage you to follow me on my journey and not become one who has to worry all day about retirement

9. Singapore. I live in Singapore. I have a view of Singapore that outsiders might not have. If you are a foreigner, I am willing to answer any questions you have about Singapore to the best of my ability.

10. Books. I love books and try to have a book at hand wherever I go. I will do my best to recommend good books to read. My book reviews are terrible though but I would certainly think that I can identify a good book when I see one.


  1. Think only No 3 is applicable to me

    3. Blogging Tips and making money using Adsense

    How can you help me to make $30 a day using Adsense?

  2. Hi FF,

    I'm a christian too

  3. Hi FF,

    sorry not sure if you have mentioned, but what was your previous job?

  4. Hi SgFF,

    thanks for your comments on my HDB BTO post. I really appreciated it :)

  5. Hi FF, kudos to you for being so helpful! I've been an avid reader of your blog. Any way to contact you via email? Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi CW8888,

    I have posted some tips on your site. It is just based on my personal experience. Implement the changes incrementally and see if there are any improvements. At the end of the day, I guess it boils down to content, content, content. No readers, no money from adsense. Simple as that.

    Great to hear from you regularly. I used to work in the government.

    I can be contacted at sgfinancialfreedom@gmail.com
    I only check that email around once a week or fortnight. So if you wish for a more prompt response, just feel free to comment on this blog and I will reply to you. You don't have to comment on this post. Instead, you can comment on the most recent postings so that I will "catch" your queries and stuff.

  7. I know why I didn't make money because FF never add http://createwealth8888.blogspot.com/ into his Blogroll

  8. Oh my goodness!

    You mean u are not on my blogroll yet? Jialat.. I add now

  9. I add liao. Now you surely make money =)

  10. WealthBuch's adsense doesn't have much interest... But when there's a click, it's usually worth quite a bit...

    Examworld's adsense have much more interest, but each click is worth very little...



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