Friday, January 22, 2010

$25.68 in Dividends for Jan 2010

I received dividends from Suntec REITs up to a total of $25.68. That is from just having 1000 shares of it. Sort of regretted selling my 1o lots to do trading as I could have gotten much more dividends.

Anyway, I will be expecting dividends from Pacific Andes and Ascott REITs pretty soon too.

Pacific Andes is giving 0.6 cents per share while Ascott REITs is giving a DPU of 3.77 cents. That should add up to a few hundred dollars in the month of February which should come in handy somehow.

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  1. How to buy dividends?

  2. Yes, it's dividend season again. I also received dividends from my Suntec REIT units. Happy. :-)


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