Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Contest with Prize Money

I was thinking of creating another contest similar to the Free $50 to Give Away contest that I held not too long ago.

Some initial thoughts would be to get people to invest with say an imaginary $10,000 using a buy and hold strategy (e.g. starting at the start of a certain month) and then see whose portfolio has grown the most by the end of the month. I think things like trading and stuff might be too complicated for me to monitor so perhaps it would be just a simple buy at the start of the month and then value it at the end of the month.

In this way, we can all get some ideas about each other's investment strategy and stuff.

Any suggestions?


  1. 1 month is too short. May be 3 month with $30K capital. Most people can save up to $30K for investment

  2. Buy and hold strategy works well in longer time frame like 3 to 5 years.

  3. Maybe you can keep the money and use it for your daily expenses and investments? Quite heart pain to see someone giving away money like that - it's not easy to earn bro.

  4. Hey FF,

    You are really generous. Has the contest started?

  5. If I win, I will donate to charity using yr nick: FF

  6. Contest not yet started. Still thinking about it since MW say I shd keep the money to myself =)

  7. U shud keep the money to yourself

    Or if u really dun want the money, donate it to the haiti victims, or poor students in Singapore for their textbooks :)

  8. That is a good idea. Do some charity and donate the $$.

    Food for thought.


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