Sunday, January 10, 2010

Evening at Anchorpoint

I was out in the evening with my family at Anchorpoint.

Anchorpoint is part of Frasers Centrepoint Malls.

I must say that over the years, Anchorpoint has been renovated quite well. Compared to around 10 years back, there are a lot more shops and the crowd is spilling over from IKEA.

The only gripe I have against it is the carparking. The carpark is simply too small and it was completely full today when I tried to enter. Ended up having to park at IKEA instead.

Anyway, I was at the bookshop and noticed that there was this woman at the cashier and she looked like she was REALLY bored and in a real bad mood. Her whole face was like a sour prune and she looked really tired.

She reminded me of the saying "Making a dying instead of making a living".

People were out in full force enjoying their Sunday. But here was a poor woman in her thirties, working her butt off to pay her bills. She sure did not look happy working on a Sunday evening and it looked like she was really tired from the standing.

I hope that she manages to get some rest even after she knocks off work today.

It is important to earn money but it is equally important to know how to spend money and enjoy life.

After all, a recent survey showed that people who brought home an income of $5000 per month reported themselves as being more happy. However, in the same article found in Straits Times titled "What price happiness?", those earning less than $2000 per month were enjoying life the most.

Some thing to think about? Are you truly enjoying life? Is making a living becoming an excuse for you not to enjoy life?


  1. Next time when you see someone who is unhappy, instead of observing, perhaps you can try to make small talk. From personal experience, pple are all too willing to share their problems if only there is someone there to listen.

    Perhaps by doing random acts of kindness, you can increase both your own happiness and that of others?

  2. That is a really good suggestion. I will try to make an effort the next time.

    It is difficult because of my personality though. I am very shy and don't really like to speak much. But that is something that I have been trying to change over the years.

  3. Oh, me too. Courage needs to be trained and exercised, like muscles. Once you do it a few time awkwardly, you'll get used to it and get better :)

    Hey, u shld meet up with us one day for a start :)


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