Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fix That Leaky Pipe!

Had a stupid quarrel with the wife.

It all started with a leaky pipe in the kitchen sink that I had been ignoring for months. My fault.

So the wife woke up on Saturday morning and while I had other things on my mind, her mind was fixed on picking a fight with me.

The recent invasion of ants into our lovely home must have tipped the ice-berg as she is a real neat freak who can't stand the sight of creepy crawlies crawling all around the house.

The conversation soon drifted to the leaky pipe under the kitchen sink and how I was lazing around and not fixing it.

It was Saturday morning for goodness sake and before I knew it, the conversation turned nasty with each of us blaming the other for some irrelevant thing that had nothing to do with the stupid leaky pipes.

Frustrated, I walked out of the house to buy the necessary equipment to fix the pipe as the putty that I used the previous time did not solve the problem. I figured that the piping was lose and I had to replace it.

So I spent like $10 buying a spanner (the one I had at home was too small) and a pipe (the flexible kind used for the shower heads type).

I switch off the main water supply and started fixing it. She however was angry that I took so long to buy the stuff and complained that without the main water supply, she could not fix up lunch!! we quarreled even further and I guess I said many things that I should not have said.

It is funny how quarrels about one thing leads to 5000 things that I did in the past. In the end, she blew it when she said that "WHY DON"T YOU HAVE A JOB??!?!?!?"

All is well now for the time being. After two days of cold war, the worst is hopefully over.

The pipe in the kitchen was fixed too. (I am proud of my handiwork once again)

Moral of the story for all guys out there is this: FIX THAT LEAKY PIPE BEFORE IT BITES YOU IN THE BUTT!


  1. Many disputes in this world don't get resolved even after a leaky pipe is fixed. So, you're quite lucky. ;-)

    Well, you know what they say about marriages, it's only normal to have a fight now and then. Otherwise, it's abnormal. The most important thing is not to go to bed angry.

  2. Job? I thought you are self-employed? You are running your own business generating your own salary right?

  3. Hi SgFF,

    I'm still single, but from a 3rd person's point of view, there are still certain tensions and frustrations in your marriage with your wife.

    To me, the main main thing boils down to you not having a job. It might seem that the worst is over, but the underlying frustration is still there!

    Next, it seems that you procrastinated in fixing the pipe. Now, at times, I also procrastinate, which is bad! Procrastination is the killer of success. But I always try to remind myself not to procrastinate. For e.g., when my gf asked me to help fix her garden hose, I decide to do it immediately because I knew if I drag, I will eventually be caught up by some other events and "not have the time" to do it.

  4. The problem may not be due to procrastination.

    To search for one's career path (especially if one is looking for a change) and to look for the right job takes time and luck.

    I am confident that ff understands the gravity of the problem and will do his best. But it also depends on the factors mentioned above.

    I am sure ff will do well down the road. This is just a passing phase in his life.

  5. Hi FF,

    don't worry... I understand what you went through? I wanted to change industry at one period of time. But I didn't quit without a job.

    Perhaps thats why you feel more stressed?

  6. Yep, I agree with all of your comments =)

    My own business is not making any money..

    Looking for a job now. All is fine now for the time being...

    Thanks to all for the support!

  7. Guilty as charged? Haha. I think my husband and I have had the same argument before about leaky pipes. But thanks to that argument, I realized he’s got a future in plumbing, and that feat became his pride for some reason. Anyway, how’s the job hunt going? Just don’t give up on your marriage. Women can be moody but we don’t lose faith. =)


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