Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Survive A Job Hunt

Surviving a job hunt is probably the most important information you would need if you are between jobs and the whole world seems to be crumbling around you.

I speak from personal experience.

Up till now, I am still looking for a job. The weekdays don't feel like weekdays and the weekends don't feel like weekends.

People keep asking: "So what are you doing?"

The wife is meaner to me than usual. She gets angry easily. It's because I am sitting at home all day long.

But the job hunt process is a long and tedious one. Especially if one does not know what job to look for. The application process is also one LONG WAITING GAME.

The most difficult part of the whole process is to keep one's head lifted up high.

Afterall, society (and I mean family, friends, etc) judge you by what job you do. And if you are jobless.....Uh Oh.....they give you a pitiful look....

Surviving a Job Hunt is thus perhaps the most important thing in the search for a job. When I mean survive, I don't mean locking yourself indoors. What I mean is to make the best use of this time to do the things that you enjoy the most.

Whatever your hobbies that you have put off, go pursue it now. Reading, cycling, etc, etc. Sitting at the computer the whole day and checking your emails or facebook is not going to make the job hunt any quicker.

Don't be pressured by others. Take time to think what is it you really want in life.

I managed to do that for a few weeks and go through my life purpose and skills which I am good at.

I hope to share with you the exercise that I did and which I think everyone will find helpful whether you have a job or not. That is however best left for another day.

Just remember: In your job hunt, you are not alone!

If you are feeling frustrated or depressed, you can feel free to contact me at this blog. Perhaps I could share with you my experiences and you will feel much better! =)


  1. People know you as what you work e.g. Mr X, an Engineer, blah blah ...

  2. you can also buy senior bro and I kopi if you have too much time to kill. we're fine with coffee shop kopi. We don't need to drink starbucks.

    I am beri free.

  3. Ha ha..sure sure!

    Or chat on cbox also can =)

  4. :o

    I sense a non-committal statement.

  5. nah...I'm waiting for ff to treat us kopi. otherwise, we will ignore him next time.

  6. wah dream ge...cut me some slack leh..I jobless now you also want me to treat you coffee ah...

    Wait till I get my first pay from my job. I pay!


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