Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

This is way way overdue. But it beats not making any resolutions at all.

I am not a great keeper of resolutions but this year, I really hope to be able to meet all my resolutions. So here they are:

Financial Resolutions:

1. I earn $40000 per month

2. I earn $6000 per month of passive income (dividends, etc)

3. I have a networth of $6,000,000

4. I have an emergency fund of $200,000

5. I earn $100 per day in Adsense.

It sounds crazy but this is what I decided to do. After watching T.Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind videos, I simply added a zero behind each of my original financial goal for this year.

"The problem is not that we set goals too high and miss it. The problem is that we set goals to low and hit it"

2010 Here I COME!


  1. Get Real. Stop Dreaming. Go and join Singapore Naval!

  2. FF,

    be realistic... you are obviously in dreamland

  3. Wah..let me dream for a while more.......

    That's what dreams are for =)

    Don't burst my bubble so soon. Aim very high at least miss the target will still be high


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