Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rich People Do Plastic Surgery

Today I saw a person who had plastic surgery.

Age was quite old but because of it, she looked much younger.

Seems like only rich people will bother to do plastic surgery. Poor people simply do not have the means to do so.

Is plastic surgery wrong?


  1. Yes . Money can make your face go round or slim =)

  2. Plastic surgery is not wrong as long as it makes the person feels confident about himself/herself.

    I have never done any but from my friend who's working in an aesthetic clinic in Orchard, it is usually people with high disposable income and need to front people or tai tais who need to look good.

    A liposuction of tummy already cost $5k, throw in the arms and love handle ..maybe can charge you $7.5k.

  3. Wow. I did not know it cost so much just to do liposuction.

    Why don't these people just exercise? No time?

    Liposuction is immediate I guess but won't that fat tummy come back again after some time..


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