Tuesday, January 5, 2010

S$90 Parking Per Month is Too Expensive

Parking at a covered multi-storey carpark costs me a whopping $90 a month!

I know that is not a lot of money to some of you out there but it is to me.

Considering that over 12 months, that adds up to be $1080... I can only imagine the kind of things that I can buy with that money. I could easily subscribe to StarHub HBO channel and stuff with money to spare!

Why do I need to pay for carparking when there is so much carparking space available?

Where does the money collected go to? To pay HDB to hire carpark attendants?

Why not give us free parking? Surely I am entitled to free parking at my "home" right? Unless you are telling me that it is not my home afterall.....

Shucks...I know I am getting nowhere with this ranting but just felt that I needed to let some hot air out regarding parking fees.

I know it is not expensive compared to other countries but other countries...people own their houses and park free of charge there. Why penalise me if land is scarce in Singapore? I live in a HDB. Surely that is enough? Aren't conservancy charges enough to cover whatever costs that is needed.

Paying $90 a month for parking is equivalent to $3 a day.... Can eat 1 pack of chicken rice everyday.

Anyone feels the same pain that I do?

Anyway, I wrote about the decline of the US dollar in this article over here and I really wish to hear some views (especially from those who are more experienced in this matter). Hope to see all the comments rolling in soon!

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