Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saving Money on Coffee

While doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks back, I bought some nice roasted coffee from Marks and Spencers that cost me $11.90. It is also Fairtrade coffee which means the farmers of the coffee beans are being fairly compensated. (You can read about their fairtrade stories here)

I figured that it would replace my daily cup of coffee from the coffee shop downstairs which costs me $0.70 per cup.

I cannot kick the habit of drinking coffee so I have no choice but to make my own coffee.

The roasted coffee should be able to make me at least 30 to 40 cups of coffee based on my estimations. 40 cups of coffee would cost me $28.00.

We will just have to see how disciplined I am in making my own coffee instead of buying coffee from coffee shops or Starbucks.

The coffee is pretty nice but it does not taste like the Robusta coffee beans that are commonly used in Singapore coffee shops. It lacks the aroma and is slightly acidic. I am guessing it is Arabica beans - the kind which westerners like to drink.

Perhaps I need to use some condensed milk in the cup I am drinking now.......


  1. Hmm.. if someone needs to go to the extreme to save on his/her daily dose of coffee, better seriously review all his/her investment strategies as they are obviously not working.

  2. Hi FF,
    the coffee I drink everyday is free. Double shot expresso, cuppucino, nescafe. You name it, I have it.

    Courtesy of my Office Pantry

  3. No choice la Uncle 8888,

    Different ppl save on different things. I spend money on things like car and cable TV which i treasure more. So i have to cut down spending on areas that are less important to me =)

    Free coffee...I also want!


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