Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Are Your Stock Picks for 2010?

Everybody who invests in the stock market definitely has their favorite stocks for the year.

Reading the Sunday Times today, I read on how the various investors and managers were giving their stock picks for 2010.

I realised that I have not picked out my top stocks that I would like to acquire for the year 2010. In fact, if there are any, it will most probably be the same stocks that I acquired during 2009.

What are you top stock picks for the year 2010?

To start the ball rolling, mine would include these stocks
1. First REIT
2. Ascott REIT
3. Suntec REIT


  1. Cambridge Industrial Trust

  2. I'm already vested in First REIT and Suntec REIT. No intention of buying more at the current prices.

    I do have a strategy for 2010 and I've blogged about it:

    Do visit if you have some spare time. :)

    Incidentally, could we do a link exchange? I've included your blog in my blog roll. :)

    Thanks and have a good week ahead.

  3. Hi Uncle8888,

    I am picking 3 out of 3.


    I have included you into my blogroll =)
    Hope to hear from you more!

  4. Hey FF,
    why so focused on reits? Ever thought of other sectors?

  5. Hi FF,

    Thanks! I am enjoying interacting with fellow bloggers too much to stop now. :)

  6. Heh. I sort of love the passive income that comes from REITs.

    I might explore the telecomm sector and the offshore gas and marine sector

  7. Janice Chua:
    1. Ascott REIT
    2. CDL Hospitality Trust
    3. Ho Bee
    4. SC Global

    Terence Wong
    1. SC Global
    2. CDL Hospitality Trust
    3. FJ Benjamin
    4. Otto Marine

    Carmen Lee
    1. Ezra
    2. Genting
    3. Hyflux
    4. Keppel Corp
    5. Midas Holdings
    6. KepLand
    7. M1
    8. Noble Group
    9. Olam International
    10. Sembcorp Marine
    11. SingTel
    12. StarHub
    13. SMRT
    14. UOL group
    15. Wilmar International

    Isaac Chin (Full Time Investor)
    1. CCT
    2. CMT
    3. A-REIT
    4. Suntec REIT

    Info taken from Sunday Times 3 Jan 2010

  8. Never fall in love with your stocks pick.

  9. True true. Hard to put that into practice though...

    Anyway, DBS vickers has a small/mid cap strategy.

    They picked
    1. SC Global
    2. Ascott REIT
    3. China Fishery
    4. Swiber
    5. Ezra

  10. Hi FF,
    I have small capital so I go for small or midcaps. But I hope to save over the next few years to grow my capital size for the next bear! I'm still young, i'm sure there's gonna be another 2 or 3 severe bears before i each 45 years old.

    At our age, I think we should be going for capital growth rather than dividends (your so called passive income). Once your capital grows and reaches a certain size, then perhaps you can start thinking of dividends?

    Example: if I grow my 100k to 1 Million in the next 20 years. I can use my 1 million, get 5 % yield and generate 50k yearly.

    Simplistic but you should get the drift. I would go for this strategy rather than pump all my money into high divvy stocks.


  11. Hi Gohsip,

    Yep. Your strategy sounds like a pretty good one too. I have thought of it before but thought that it would sort of be "safer" to start focusing a part of my portfolio on dividend yielding stocks first.

    I will chew on your strategy and sleep on it tonight =)

  12. Hi freedom ! Concentrating on REITs will not get you capital growth. Should look into commodities companies like Wilmar, Olam, Golen Agri, Indo Agri, and Noble. They appreciate faster and hardly dipped. This is the site for Noble Group ...
    Happy investing !

  13. I am afraid of commodity bubble...

    Unless can be certain and I know that it is safe, I won't dare to put my money there.

  14. I am looking into Noble & Olam too.

    REITs stock are more for dividend and safe heaven.

    No pain, no gain

  15. Hi..

    Great to see C in your portfolio!

    I think 2010 is a good year for US and UK banking stocks.

    Check out the regional banks too.

  16. HI,
    Whatever stocks you pick is ok as long as you know why you pick it in the first place.
    There are even some rare individuals who can make a living out of day trading but cannot "pick any stocks."
    Me? I pick most of my stocks during the market's fire-sale.
    And I hold as long as I "dare"
    I am very lousy at short term trading.
    To each his own style.
    Cheers and wish everyone succeed in his own way.

  17. Knowing where you are now and knowing where you want to be and then choosing the right path to reach there. The right path may be more risky but it may help to reach there within your time frame.

    Read? Does Your Account Size Matter? - Part 3

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