Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Singapore Holland Village

There are some places that will almost remain special to each one of us. For me, Holland Village is one of those places.

Apart from having lots of watering holes and eateries, Holland Village has a certain laid back feel to it. Perhaps it is the number of expats who can be sighted there.

The thing about this place is that it always gets me thinking. Whenever I observe the sights and sounds there, I become slightly more contemplative about life and become more acutely aware about the enjoyment of life. The place reminds me that I have to enjoy life while it lasts.

Rich people also seem to like to frequent this place so there must be a certain charm and attraction to it which they are clearly drawn by.

My Favorite Haunts & What to Eat

I like Provence, Yakun and Crystal Jade that can be found there. When I was dating, we used to go to Coffee Bean that was located at one secluded corner. Every now and then, we also visit the laksa stall that can be found just opposite Provence. The Sushi Tei outlet has now moved and can be located at the cross junction just opposite Crystal Jade.

Provence - the bread of course.
Crystal Jade - dim sum or porridge
Yakun - Kaya toast, french toast and a cup of coffee
Breadtalk - the bread here is good too. Their breakfast set is made fresh on the spot!

Where to Walk

Go to Cold Storage or browse through magazines at Thambi's Magazine Corner which sells all kinds of magazine. At the building which houses Cold Storage, there are lots of shops that sells really cool antiques and furniture. One can walk amongst it and be amazed at the wide range of household accessories there are. The only problem is that the escalator leads up and you will have to take the stairs back to the ground level.

Where to Park

I used to park at the HDB multi-storey carpark and walk across to Holland Village. This is recommended especially during weekends and peak periods (dinner). Otherwise, the carparking at Holland Village itself should suffice.

Holland Village = Starbucks Inspiration

The reason why I am writing so much about Holland Village is because many of the inspirations for my posts in this blog comes when I am there eating my breakfast or just walking around.

It is the same kind of inspiration that I get when I visit Starbucks and smell the aroma of coffee and the buzz of the coffee machines.

This place always remains on my list of favorite haunts. I however do not like to visit it during the weekends. Weekday breakfasts are the best times for me especially when there are no crowds and the carparking is readily available.

What is the one place in Singapore that gives you the most inspiration whenever you get a writer's block?


  1. Nice. A bit too far for me though =)

    But I do visit it once in a while and I must say it is quite a good spot for thinking too.


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