Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I Consume In A Day

Our consumption habits are really interesting to track. Afterall, don't you find it interesting to know what of planet earth's resources you have consumed for the day?

So let's look at what I have consumed today and the companies that are involved in bringing these products to me:

7.30AM - Throat itchy, ate 1 x lozenges bought from Guardian
8.30AM - Bought breakfast comprising duck kway teow and teh si ping (iced milk tea)
9.00AM - Used the internet (Starhub Cable)
10.05AM - Received phone call from home (SingTel Fixed line)
11.00AM - Received phone call on mobile phone (StarHub)
11.15 AM - Checked email (Hotmail)
11.45AM - Worked on webpage using Dreamweaver Trial version (Adobe)
1.13PM - Ate lunch (Char Siew Rice)
2.00PM - Popped another 1 x lozenges
3.00 PM - Took a hot shower (PUB provided water and electricity)
4.00PM - Drank a packet of Pokka White Chrysanthemum Tea
5.30PM - Watched Television (Starhub Cable)
6.00PM - Ate dinner downstairs
8.00PM - Switched on the Airconditioner (PUB again?)

I know the above list makes for a boring read =)

But hopefully it enlightens you to know what are the things you consume and what are the companies involved in bringing that product to you.

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