Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wireless@SG Login Problems

It was another morning at Macdonalds.

I had a hard time connecting to Wireless@SG because QMax (the internet service provider that I signed up with) was apparently taken over by M1. But how was I to know this?

So I searched high and low for the Qmax signup option but could not find it. I tried to register a new account but could not do it. And because I had no connection to internet, I could not find out who had taken over Qmax.

So I just used my old username and password and tried signing up with M1 and I FINALLY managed to connect to the internet. That was when an announcment popped up to show that M1 was now taking over the services of Qmax!! So stupid... shouldn't they put the announcement at the first page of Wireless@SG to tell people in the first place?

I also don't really like blogging with Wireless@SG because it seems to have problems getting a decent connection with Blogger and my work can sometimes get lost because the bad connection results in a failure to allow Blogger to save my work.

One Hour Later..

I gave up. My hotmail could not load, my blogger could not save, I basically could not get any work done. I gulped down my remaining coffee and made a dash for home. The wireless connection at home was way better than this free wireless here!

It was good that I managed to copy and paste out what I had written earlier onto a text file as I discovered that all my information was gone from Blogger.

That was a bad experience. I thought I could sit down and write something really useful as my creative juices were flowing. But the poor internet connectivity only made me realise that I had wasted time and money getting out of the house to find a nice and quiet place to write some postings.

Suggestions for IDA and all partners dealing with the free wireless service

1. If any service provider gets taken over (in this case, Qmax by M1), the information should be placed at the sign up page so that previous subscribers will know WHO has taken over their accounts.

2. I thought the need to log in for Wireless@SG was being done away with. This really needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

3. Hire me to trial their internet connectivity at various locations. =)

Lessons from My Experience

After this experience, I think I will most probably not go to any "nice and quiet" place to blog anymore. Blogging at home perhaps saves me time and money.

Should I consider being able to blog while on the go, I think I will subscribe to StarHub's mobile broadband. Since I am already using their cable TV services and mobile phone plans, adding a mobile broadband should come cheap. (You have forced me into this, M1 and SingTel)

I hope people have learnt from my experience. Don't assume that the free wireless service is completely good and useful. Sometimes, it just ends up with frustration especially when you cannot get any work done.

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