Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bus Trip Cost Only 91cents

I have been travelling on buses quite frequently recently and realised that bus fares are actually quite reasonable.

A single trip costs me only $0.91 . So a two way trip adds up to about $1.80. That is pretty affordable for my trips when I give tuition.

While travelling by car would be much faster, I get to save on the carparking. This adds up over the long haul.

It makes me wonder whether I should just sell my car away. Afterall, maintaining a car in Singapore is a costly thing to do. I reckon that it costs me about $1100 per month based on all the charges. Yikes!!!!

If you can resist the urge, you should not buy a car especially if you are single.

Think of all the things you can do with $1100 per month in EXTRA cash. You could literally eat at restaurants every single day.


  1. Invest the money from the car to create more revenue streams! :)

  2. I want to but I can't.

    I have pumped too much money into it to cut loss .............


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