Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Filing of Income Tax

The dreaded time of the year is upon all those who earn greater than $22,000 again. The time has come for the annual income tax filing.

This year, it will be a bit more tricky for me to file my returns. My previous employer was auto included in IRAS so I did not have to file any returns except when claiming for reliefs.

This year, I am on a self-employed status. Thus, I need to fill in my income that I have obtained from various trading activity, tuition (which I just started), etc. This gives me a big headache and I hope to settle the filing of my income tax soon.

Is filing income tax a big headache for you? What kind of problems do you face?


  1. Hi there,

    I'm compiling a list of Singapore Investment Bloggers...

    Have included your site in the list, appreciate if you can also do a link to the site.


  2. do you have to file income tax for the profits you generate from trading?

  3. why u file yr trading income from stocks?

  4. Hi Royston,

    Thanks. Do look at my link exchange policy under FAQ for more info and inform me if you fit the criteria. Many thanks for linking to me.

    Hi Dream and CW8888,
    I mean like income from trading activities, business activities, etc and not trading stocks. Hope that clarifies.


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