Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invitation to blog@IM$avvy

Dear friends,

I have been quite amazed at what this blog has achieved in such a short period of time. I have gotten countless of offers for help from readers. I have gotten lots of encouragement from strangers. And now I even got an offer to blog at CPF's IM$avvy.

I have been considering about the option and was wondering whether it would be too heavy a committment to commit to. Besides, I don't get paid. But nevertheless, I think it would be good exposure for me.

The email that was sent to me earlier this month is attached below (I have omitted certain sensitive information):

Hi FF,

We will like to invite you onboard as IM$avvy Blog Corner Financial blogger.

IM$avvy is an initiative by CPF Board to provide an interesting and interactive portal for working and young adults to get information on financial matters such as financial planning, retirement, property and investment. One of our main goals is to increase awareness of our younger generation on the importance of financial planning so that they can start planning early and enjoy a secure retirement. In addition to having a blog on our website, we also host a forum, an info hub, webcasts and many more. To better connect with our target audience, we have established our presense on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed! You can visit our website: to find out more.

Currently, we have 8 resident bloggers and we are looking for more talented writers and subject matter experts like yourself to join us. We will prefer bloggers contributing new posts at regular intervals e.g. once or twice a week and committing to do so for a period of one year. Alternatively, do let us know what is a comfortable arrangement for you. We can also look into publishing your current and past blog entries on IM$avvy Blog Corner instead of limiting to only submitting new posts. You can refer to the file attached in this email for more general information for IM$avvy bloggers.

On the average, each post has about 2,500 page views. IM$avvy Blog Corner will be a good channel to raise the profile of your blog. At the same time, you can take this opportunity to interact with our members. Participation of our bloggers are on a voluntary basis and there is no fee paid to them.

Do let me know your interest and we can discuss this further. Feel free to contact me at tel: XXXXXXXX for any enquiry.

Look forward to hearing favourable news from you.

Best Regards,



  1. Congrats FF!

    I was hoping they would pick me to blog so that I can increase my blog's profile. But so far, nothing. haha!

    I urge you to try it out, it would be a great experience!

  2. Go for it! MW, your blog is damn impressive as well.... Your article got posted by NextInsight too I remember :)

    I'm too young and inexperienced to blog for anyone, nor am I interested to do so at the moment :)

  3. wakou.. the world belongs to people who can write and articulate..

    Point to self :
    1) Son must join debate team
    2) Son must learn literature and good english
    3) Son must join toastmasters!

    Congrats, FF!: )

  4. Hi FF,

    You should blog for them. When there's a little pressure to blog once or twice a week, you should have more quality posts. Plus, you'll have to think a lot more :)

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks for the support! I seriously feel that I am the least qualified amongst all of you to write for them.

    I am truly humbled as I do not think that my knowledge and writing skills are anything to be proud of. Perhaps I am a commoner, that's why they chose me =)

  6. Didn't you mention to become a full time blogger?

  7. Yeah.. It is one of those silly dreams of mine.

    But I doubt that I can take all the public opinion and stuff...

    I also sort of hate the limelight.

    My main purpose is to share with others and hope that they do not make the same financial mistakes as me. At the same time, they can learn some simple 101 tips on personal finance from me (hopefully).


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