Monday, March 15, 2010

My View on the Jack Neo Scandal

I give my view on the Jack Neo scandal firstly as a Christian, secondly as a man, thirdly as a married person and lastly as a father.

Firstly, I must say that as a Christian, I do not condone adultery. Adultery is wrong. However, I do not know the reason why a person's religion should be brought into light when he has committed an offence. Is a Christian supposed to be more holy than a normal person? I doubt so. As a Christian, I believe that I am the worst sinner on earth. That is the reason why I am a Christian. I need a savior because I cannot become good by my own will or works. After becoming a Christian, there should be a change in the person's life. Yet, the bible tells we will still struggle with our flesh. And at the end of every defeat, every succumbing to sin, I become more aware of my need for a savior.

Secondly, as a man, I must say that we are open to all sorts of temptation. Think about Tiger woods, John Terry, etc, etc. Every man can fall into the danger of adultery especially when he has risen in terms of stature, power and wealth. It is easy to stand at the sidelines and say we will never do the thing that Jack Neo has done. It is quite another to actually go through it and say NO. As a man, I can understand the temptations tthat exists. Every day is a battle and I would rather not cast stones at those who have fallen. Instead, I can relate to why they have fallen. We men, are only human. Is Jack Neo a worse human being than me? Definitely not.

Thirdly, as a married person, I would like to think that marriage vows are important. We swear to be faithful to our partners and I intend to honor those vows. Yet, we all know that marriage does not automatically transform a man (whatever his religion may be) into a person who cannot face temptation.

Lastly, as a father, I would say that Jack Neo was wrong in the sense that his actions have caused much grief to his children. Again....I think that a father at the end of the day is still a human being. Is a man less likely to do wrong because he is a father? I don't think so.

The truth of the matter is this: As humans, we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are big, some are small. Some go unnoticed, some become published for the whole world to see. The most important thing after making a mistake is to realise our mistake and confess it. That is what Jack Neo has done and I admire his courage. If it were me, I would have flown away to hide in some foreign country instead of having a press conference.

The way the media has lashed out at Jack Neo makes me feel sad for him and his family. A mistake is a mistake.

Jesus when confronted by some religous leaders who had brought an adulteress to him to be judged said this:

"If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."


  1. Mistresses and stocks - don't just think of funs and profits before thinking of pains and losses that may come sooner than expected

  2. Well said. But I guess sometimes we are too short term in mindset that we forget about the long term consequences

  3. Society has a morbid fascination with news like this. This is likely to be a long drawn affair with echoes many years down the road.

    Jack is not perfect like any human being but neither is this world perfect. He will just have to live with the negative repercussions of his indiscretion for the rest of his life. Unfairly, so will his family.

  4. Yep.

    Society is always fascinated when people in power or prestige fall from grace. Tabloids like these usually last a long time as the public likes to savour them slowly.


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