Monday, March 22, 2010

Noisy Motorbikes Should be Banned in Singapore

It is 1230am in the morning. A noisy motorbike just drove by my place and woke my poor child up.

This is not the first time it has happened. It seems that the government or authorities are pretty lax nowadays when it comes to bikes and cars that are modified to have extraordinarily loud engine noises.

This people have totally no sense of consideration when they go racing down the roads at the wee hours in the morning, waking everyone in their path.

I simply do not understand why others should suffer from interrupted sleep because of these mindless fools.

I do hope that someone in LTA or the traffic police is reading this and take serious action against errant offenders.


  1. I guess so. But I don't see how they can solve the problem.. Any suggestions or useful solutions?

  2. FF,

    Solution: Sleep your baby in a room that is not facing the main road.

  3. Can't. All the rooms are facing the main road. They all have a window that is facing the main road.

  4. introduce new laws to ban loud noise by vehicles after 11 pm like current ban on wayang and wake

  5. Hi Uncle8888,

    Don't know whether such laws are already in place. I thought they should already be in place. The problem is how to implement it and how to catch the offenders. It is very sad to know that people are so inconsiderate. Racing around at 2am to 3am in the morning and waking up the whole neighborhood is hardly a good thing to do.

    Hopefully someone will do something about this nuisance riders and drivers soon. Fines won't mean a thing to these people. A stiffer penalty should be meted out.

  6. Totally concur that these selfish idiots need to be punished under the law, if one has been passed in this regard. Surely, on the point about modified engines, this would be detected during the annual vehicle checks conducted by VICOM and the like. However, I do not think that these vehicle centres would expose their customers to the relevant authorities when noncompliances were detected.

    As a law-abiding citizen and a parent with young kids myself, I have no choice other than to endure and take other measures against such annoyances.

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    Care to share what measures have you taken against such annoyances?

    The noise is simply too loud for me to block it out. Even if the windows are closed, the noise will still come in (simply because it is overwhelming loud).

  8. modified cars & bikes exhausts aint so much the problem , as when not acclerating hard they are not offensively loud . its driver behaviour , as by accelerating hard that makes the vechile produce loud noise , so its should be driver behaviour that needs addressing .

  9. I rode a bike for many years when I was younger. I could never understand when there were cases of bikes being burnt in the carparks, until now. I am also a parent and these motorbikes are a nuisance. I wrote to the LTA about putting speed humps so these idiots don't go tearing about. But as always, they were not helpful. I suppose soon it will be about pouring oil on the roads so they skid and hopefully die, or burn their bikes.....

    We'll just have to see.

  10. I lived in Yishun HDB for the last 12 years. Its been fairly peaceful and quiet save for the occasional bus noise, but thats OK. Of late, there had been an increased in traffic noise not just on the main road facing my windows, but also the parking lot behind my block. Particularly, souped up (beng) cars and hell-bound screeching bikes riden by young punks tear down the street on a daily basis, right up to the wee hours of night, subjecting me and my family to sleep derivation. Every night, a bunch of kids on bikes congregate at my carpark and rev their machines, just for sick fun and intentional aim to cause hatred and division in this multiracial society. I had complained to the neighbourhood police stations, but what is the use? They said they will monitor, but the noise just persist. Why isn't any authority doing something about the increase in illegal modification to vehicles and motorbikes? Why do these complains fall onto deaf ears? Is there a fundamental shift in our governance that such (social) ill-matters are trivial compared to economic achievements? What is the use of it all if unhappiness and hatred runs deep in our society just so that percentage point looks good in international papers and reports?

  11. Hi Anonymous,

    I feel your pain. Considering that mine is usually a once off event, I really pity you!

    I think there is only so much authorities can do. At the end of the day, it is how Singaporeans are brought up. And whether we as a bunch are civilised enough and have the necessary social graces. Unfortunately not. We are well-off materially but when it comes to other things, we are still a 3rd world country in many many aspects. It makes me ashame to be a Singaporean sometimes.

    I hope that you will find a solution to the noise pollution one day.

  12. My house is near to main road, those noise sometimes wake me up at 4 am. I dont know why the authorities dont bother to catch them...

    probably because those who are supposed to action lived in nice, quiet apartments. so they dont really see any need for action

  13. The solution are not always difficult. Since motorbikes are already that cheap to own and utilise, make it mandatory inspection every 3 months. Surely this will be a huge deterrence to them modding the exhaust or whatever.

  14. Me encountering this noise pollution also.I stay in Pasir ris. Any authority that can seek help from ? If the police station si not helpful...
    Anyone can bring it up to MP or newspaper?


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